How do i get my suspended license back in Pennsylvania?

Question by Evan: How do i get my suspended license back in Pennsylvania?
I got an underage drinking citation. It’s not a DUI it’s just an underage so it should was only suspended 3 months. Today is the day I should be eligible to drive again. Can i go to the nearest PennDot (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) and pick up my license since i dropped it off there 3 months ago? Or do I have get it in the mail and have to wait until whenever it comes to my house?

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Answer by vincedia
First, you can NOT drive until PennDOT has returned your physical license to you. No matter what anyone tells you, that plastic card is required to be in your possession. You will either need to have PennDOT mail it to you when you are eligible for restoration, or get a new one from a local auto tag agency.

Next, you want to check with PennDOT and make sure that today is actually the day. You can find out by going to and requesting your DL Restorations Requirements Letter. That will outline what steps you need to take to have your license restored.

You may have a restoration fee that needs to be paid. Usually $ 25, but could be as high as $ 100. You can’t get your license back till this is paid. This can be done by mailing it to PennDOT or it can be paid online at the above address. You can also go into your local license center to get a license application. More info about getting your license and the drivers license application is at

Once your restoration fee has been paid, and your license has been returned, then you are eligible to drive.

Good Luck!

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